• July 9, 2021

Do You Effectively Communicate?

Communication is one of the most important parts of every relationship, personal or professional. If you’re lacking in that department, you should rethink starting a business together. The Desmonds noted that partners are likely to disagree, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Disagreements breed creative thinking and innovation, so long as couples are willing to both speak and listen.

“Couples going into business together need to have solid communication and conflict resolution abilities,” they said. “This helps ensure that work disagreements won’t cause fights, which will negatively impact the business and even worse, your relationship.” Richard Woods, president of Albany Woodworks, Inc., added that without their solid communication, he and his wife Judith Woods, who serves as office manager, wouldn’t have been able to make such difficult yet necessary business decisions.

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“By communication, I do not mean always agreeing on everything. It is vital to be able to have a difference of opinions and … work through those differences to come to a solution that is best for the company,” he said. “Strong communication also helps establish each individual’s role in the company, dividing and conquering to allow the business to run smoothly and successfully.”

Woods added that couples must have mutual trust and respect for each other. This allows each person to hold individual authority.

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