• July 8, 2021

In-Person Event Marketing Plan

Laura Silva, account manager at EasyUni, said your approach to planning events should include these steps:

Choose your event format. This could be an exhibition, job fair, trade show, education fair, open day, etc. The type of event can be relatively easy to determine, but the format you choose should tie into the next step. Define the purpose of your event. Is the event to raise awareness of your brand? Is it to generate leads? Think about the results you want from the event – that will help define the purpose of the event.

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Set success metrics. Next, set goals you want to meet in terms of registrants, attendance rate, etc. Decide what you want those numbers to be and how you’ll get there. Identify your needs. Determine everything you will need for the event, like the event space, equipment, advertising, promotions, logistics, etc. These needs will change according to the event. Allocate a budget. Within the overall budget for the event, a portion should be designated specifically for marketing. Set a date. When choosing a date for your event, make sure that there aren’t similar events going on at or close to the same date and time. You also want to check that everyone whom you want at the event (and everything, including equipment) is available. You also want to give yourself ample time to market the event. Understand your ideal attendee. What channels do they consume content on? What are their interests? Behaviors?

Structure a program that excites your ideal attendees. As you design your marketing campaign, follow Lathan’s advice: Give people a strong reason why they would want to attend your event versus something else they have going on in their lives.

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